Plastic Bungee Toggle Ball - Black

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Weight 0.01 LBS
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Bungee cords are extremely compatible with the Bungee Toggle Balls. The cord ends can go into one ball or have a ball on both ends to help secure tents, canopies, bags, and tarps. Household items like hoses, other cording, and electrical wiring can be coiled and held together with bungee cord and these toggle balls as well. Made out of high quality plastic, they won't break or wear out easily even after multiple uses. To secure the bungee cord, the end(s) goes through the small hole first and then is tied after going through the second hole. That knot can then be secured inside the ball if it small enough.

-Best fits 1/8 inch bungee cord-

Strong & Durable
Small Hole Size
6/16 Inches
Large Hole Size
1/2 Inch
Total Diameter Size
7/8 Inches