Polyester Rope

Bring polyester ropes on camping, hiking, and other outdoor trips or use for activities like sailing and hoisting of various loads of items. These ropes are constructed in both twisted and braided styles to increase the amount of features and uses of each kind of rope such as having a low to moderate stretch ability and a melting temperature between 428- and 500- degrees Fahrenheit.

Poly Dac - Swatch

Twisted Polyester Dacron Rope

PolyDac rope is one of the most durable ropes available. Made from polyester-wrapped polyfin, this is an excellent choice for high-strength applications where wear-resistance is key. The polyester covering provides excellent abrasion resistance, while...
Accessory Cord - Multiple Colors and Sizes

Accessory Cord

Accessory cord is lightweight & durable, made of high quality smooth-braided polyester. A close relative to nylon 550 paracord, this polyester cord is made up of a 16-strand braid with 8 inner strands.  Popular...
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