Landscaping Rope

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Strong and decorative manila or polypropylene ropes work well for landscaping and outdoor decor. Braided or twisted construction of the ropes provides different options for features you can add in your yard or outdoor area. The UV resistant feature of the material used in the construction of the ropes allows them to retain their color and appearance when used outdoors and keeps the ropes looking newer longer.

UnManila Rope - Multiple Sizes

UnManila Rope

Made to resemble a natural manila or hemp rope, unmanila (or promanila) is made from tan polypropylene. Often used as an outdoor decorative rope, unmanila will not rot or break down in wet environments like natural fiber ropes will. Give your playground...
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Manila Rope - Multiple Sizes

Manila Rope

Made from the Abaca plant, Manila rope largely replaced hemp 200 years ago. Being 20% stronger, and much more economical than hemp, manila rope captures the imagination of people today as being quintessentially nautical and industrial. Widely used for...
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Three Strand Twisted Polypropylene Rope - Multiple Sizes

Three Strand Twisted Polypropylene Rope

Twisted Polypropylene is a strong, economical multi-purpose rope. Ideal for use around water. Due to its ability to float, it is often chosen for dock lines and other marine applications. A floating rope will not get tangled in an outboard motor...
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Solid Braid Multifilament Polypropylene Rope - Multiple Colors

Solid Braid Multifilament Polypropylene Rope

Solid Braid Multifilament Polypropylene (MFP) is a great all-purpose rope. Made of a blend of Polypropylene and nylon, it is soft to the touch and flexible. A good economical all-purpose rope. Floats in water and is resistant to rot, mildew, and UV light...
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Polypro Utility Rope - Multiple Size and Color Options

Polypro Utility Rope

Polypro Utility Rope is ideal for non-critical applications near water or around the house. Polypropylene is resistant to rot, mold, mildew, and petroleum and is UV stabilized for better protection against degradation by the sun's rays. It is also...
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Diamond Braid Cotton Awning Cord

Awning cord has a wide range of uses. Our sturdy and durable cord is constructed with interlacing cotton. This provides a soft feel while still maintaining a 175 lb. tensile strength. Perfect for lightweight pulley systems and tying down small cargo...
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