The Perfect Rope for Your Project

The Perfect Rope for Your Project

Getting the right rope for your project is essential to its success and longevity. Find the project that fits or closely aligns with your task at hand and then look at our suggested ropes and alternatives. Follow our guide below to get exactly what you want out of your rope and project.


Cotton Rope is great to use for a clothesline because it’s less slippery and has a firmer grip for clothespins and tying up, but Nylon Rope is stronger.

Flag Pole

Nylon Rope is great for a flag pole because it has great UV and abrasion resistance and has a higher stretch than Polypro. If your flag is going to be in a windy location, Nylon Rope is the best option.


Manila provides superior grip as a handrail compared to Cotton Rope and is durable and strong. Cotton rope is soft and strong but requires a coating to protect it from discoloration and does not provide as much grip.

Rope Swing

Polypro is great for a rope swing and the outdoors due to its resistance to rot, mold, mildew, and UV rays unlike manila which is more susceptible to the elements. Nylon rope is a good alternative although it can be slippery when gripping.

Pet Toy

Cotton Rope is more popular but both Cotton and Sisal Rope are commonly used for pet toys because of their all-natural composition. Therefore, it isn’t a big deal if your dog swallows a small piece of it.



Cotton Rope

Cotton Rope

Traditionally, Cotton Rope is the most common form of rope used for macramé and can sometimes be found in a variety of colors.


Sisal and Polypro ropes are often used for rugs because of their durability and resistance to rot and breakage from water. Cotton rope is another option due to its softness, but it is less durable and can easily get dirty.