Spooky Tricks for Décor and Costumes

Spooky Tricks for Décor and Costumes

Get started on your Halloween decorations to bring a spooky theme to parties or outdoor decor. If you still need a costume or want to add something to one you have, our rope can also be used to put together various outfits or add a unique look.

Hanging Decorations:

Rope wreath

  • A variety of our rope can be used to put together a spooky wreath for your front door. From unmanila to cotton rope, or use several different kinds and add in spiders, cobwebs, or shaped confetti to bring an eerie feel to your home.

Swamp lantern

  • Wrap the rope of your choice around the top of a jar, cup, or other item for your lantern and make a loop at the top for the handle. Now you have a decorative lighting for paths or areas around your home. (A battery-operated light would be the best to use due to the rope being able to catch fire.)

Mantle décor

  • Make banners or garland for your fireplace, wall, or staircase by adding flags, Halloween print outs, and more onto strands of cord or rope.

Spider web plant hanger

Spider Web

  • Create plant hangers with cotton rope to hold plants and bring more style into your living space or use synthetic rope for outdoor plant hangers on your porch or balcony. Then, add spiders and even cobwebs for more of a spooky feel.

String art

  • Whether you make a skull, pumpkin, black cat, or ghost with string art, you can have a fun and creative piece to hang up in any room or outside.

Costume Ideas:

Holding up a costume


  • Use rope as straps to hold up a costume, especially one that includes a sign or has a boxy structure such as playing cards.


  • Accent an outfit by creating a belt or using rope to tie together a costume like one that includes a robe.

Mummy outfits

  • Add to a mummy outfit by giving it more of a rustic or rough appearance or use rope as a simple way to keep the costume together without having to worry about it coming undone.

Trick or treat basket

  • Coil rope into a customized trick or treat basket to easily carry candy and other treats. You can also use it as a centerpiece for a Halloween, spooky, or fall themed event.

Yard Décor:

Halloween archway

  • Pumpkins, ghosts, or other scary items can be built into an archway and held together with rope or cord. Put this décor on a pathway or around your front door to add to your horror set up.

No carve pumpkin decorating


  • Carving pumpkins is an artistic and fun activity to do with friends and family, but what about decorating a pumpkin with rope? Give the pumpkin a mummy appearance or create intricate designs to add to or replace carving.


  • Grab a few old clothes, some kind of stuffing (i.e. straw, cotton, newspaper, etc.), and rope to put together a scarecrow for your yard.

Large spider web

  • Tie rope and cord together to make a huge spider web that can go across your lawn, deck, window, or door. Spiders and other decorations can be attached to the web to bring the whole piece together.

Pillar décor

  • If you have pillars or railings on your deck or even your staircase inside, rope can be wrapped around them for a simple accent.

Dinner Accessories:


  • Spider web placemat or weaved spooky themed mats can be easy to make and add to a dining set over the Halloween season.

Pumpkin candy dispenser

Candy Jar

  • Carve a pumpkin or have a container/jar that can be completely or partially wrapped in rope for a fun candy dispenser or even a container for food during an event.

Mummified cups

  • Mason jars or any other desired size jar/cup can be wrapped in white/off white rope to look like a mummy. Googly eyes and other details can be added to bring the mummy design to life. A candle could be put in the cup or leave it empty for a shelf/table decoration.