Rope or Nope?

Rope or Nope?

With any new project, it can seem hard to find a starting point. If your project involves rope, you’ve come to the right place! There are many different ‘types’ of rope on the market. Some made for water, some made for strength, and some made for decoration! Today, we’re going over some different types of rope Rope and Cord offers, for a variety of tasks you make have to tackle, inside and out!


Manila hemp is a type of fiber obtained from the leaves of the abacá. While not ‘hemp’ in the traditional sense, Manila hemp does consist of long fiber strands, mimicking the look of hemp. Manila Rope is extremely durable, flexible, and resilient in saltwater, making it perfect for ship lines and even fishing nets! Manila rope also shrinks when water is applied, so that must be considered before any usage in water. You may not be able to undo a knot once the rope becomes wet, because the rope shrinks. Manila rope is also a wonderful rope for a natural look around the home. A few inches of Manila wrapped around your window curtains gives a rugged yet natural look to a room instantly!


While ProManila (often called UnManila) rope looks like normal fiber Manila rope, the distinct difference is ProManila is made from tan polypropylene. This means ProManila won’t rot or break down in wet environments, ensuring constant durability with its synthetic fiber. If you’re looking for the perfect rope for outdoor rope swings, tying down tarps, or giving your boat a more natural look, ProManila is your choice!


The Sisal plant is cultivated all over the world for its stiff, yet very versatile fibers. Sisal Rope, while not as strong as Manila, is more versatile to rot than your standard Manila Rope. It also holds up stronger and longer in saltwater and ultraviolet light than other natural fibers. Sisal is also wonderful for crafting with its outdoor, rustic look. Wrap a pot for your plant to give an instant natural look or wrap a piece of wood for your furry friend to use as a scratch post. Wrap-around handles for extra, stronger grip and it’s strong enough to use as a mudroom rug!


While most certainly the softest of the types of rope offered at Rope and Cord, Cotton rope has wonderful uses, but trust me, it is oh so soft! Cotton rope is wonderful for any craft projects you have around the house. Being very flexible, looking wonderful, and coming in a wide variety of lengths, cotton rope is perfect for Macramé and knotting projects, as well as larger, room decorating projects. New to knotting? Use a cotton rope to easily untie any knot and practice over again. Hanging potted plants, lining a dresser or chest, or making a chew toy for the puppy, you’ll find exciting, everyday projects that can be spruced up with just a few feet of Cotton Rope.

Hollow Braid Polypropylene

If you’re looking for a rope to use around water but want that rope to stand out against the water, Hollow Braid Polypropylene is your choice. Coming in a variety of colors and sizes, roping off a pool area, a yard, or a sidewalk during winter is no problem with this tough, water-resistant rope. Warding off UV rays will ensure the strength and vibrancy of color in your rope for years to come.

ParaMax Paracord

Say Hello to the Hercules of Paracord! ParaMaxPracord offers a woven nylon outer sheath, as well as 32 strands of nylon woven inside the cord! This is perfect for outdoor uses, as the Nylon sheath is resistant to mold, mildew, water, UV light, and rot, as well as being incredibly smooth to the touch. Another standout of ParaMax is its flexibility compared to other ropes. This makes it wonderful for camping, fishing, or even emergencies. ParaMax is also used in crafting with paracord! From Paracord dolls to Monkey Fists to bracelets, if you’re looking to hone those knot skills and create as you do, ParaMax will help immensely.

Twisted Polypropylene

As with other Polypropylene products, this rope is wonderful for outdoor uses, especially pools. Since this rope floats, it’s a wonderful rope to attach buoys onto and use as a pool divider for laps or roping off a section of the pool too deep for children. This rope also comes in a variety of bright colors, as to be seen from inside or outside the water as well as a variety of widths, to make sure you’re as safe around water as possible. Its strength and flexibility make it easy to handle and store for ease of use in aquatic situations.

Those are just a few of the types and styles of ropes available on the market, with many more to read and learn about. Starting anything can sometimes seem overwhelming and daunting at times, but armed with a little knowledge and types of cords available at Rope and Cord, we're sure there’s a rope to fit any situation. Whether you’re swimming or swinging, tugging or pulling, crafting or fixing up, you can be sure Rope and Cord will be helping along the way! Enjoy your project.