How to Tie a Double Dragon Loop

How to Tie a Double Dragon Loop

Several kinds of loops and knots are used to end a piece of rope to keep it from coming undone, hang it up, and hold an item or other knot in place. Knots are used in everyday activities to organize, secure, and keep everything together. An easy loop that would do well for ending a piece of rope or cord is the Double Dragon Loop.

This loop holds better than similar knots and loops like the bowline knot. It will keep up with heavy loads (depending on the type of rope used) and not come undone when in use. The double dragon loop only takes seconds to put together, but it can be a handy tool in various situations

Follow the tutorial below for step-by-step instructions on how to create the double dragon loop.

You can use any kind of rope or cord to make a double dragon knot, but in this tutorial, we are using 550 paracord.

Step 1

Place the cord in a line or hold it in your hand and then create an S-shape.

Step 1: S-shape

Step 2

Take the end of the cord and place it over the top part of the S-shape.

Step 2: Over

Step 3

Wrap the same end under the top of the S.

Step 3: Under

Step 4

Wrap it over and under one more time.

Step 4: Repeat

Step 5

Take the loop on the bottom side and place it over the cord that’s wrapped and through the loop on the top.

Step 5: Pull Loop

Step 6

Tighten the knot, by pulling that same loop all the way through and pull the end of the cord as well as the other side of the cord until the knot is completely secure.

Step 6: Tighten

A tip for taking a part this knot when it is no longer needed, is to bend the sides of the knot back and forth to loosen it before pulling it a part. This will be especially helpful when the knots been pulled tighter from bearing and holding up a heavy amount of weight.