How to Make a Rope to Chain Splice

How to Make a Rope to Chain Splice

A rope to chain splice is commonly practiced to attach rope to the chain on an anchor. The best rope to use for this splice iTwisted Nylon Rope. Twisted nylon rope is great to use with an anchor because nylon is resistant to rot, mold, mildew and does not absorb water. This task can be done with both braided and twisted nylon rope, but it’s easier to do with twisted because of the smaller number of strands. Follow the steps below to successfully create a rope to chain splice.

1. Measure 20 twists from the end of the rope and tightly wrap it with a thin piece of electrical tape.

Taped Nylon Rope

2. Unravel the rope until the tape, laying the three strands flat. Tape the end of each of the three strands to keep them from fraying. Label the first strand with an A, the second strand with a B, and the third strand with a C.

Three Nylon Strands

3. Put strands A and B through the last chain link. Put strand C through the same link but through the opposite side and between strands A and B.

Three Strands in Chain Link

4. Run strand C through the first twist. Take strand B and put it over the twist that strand C went under and run it under the next twist. Put strand A over the twist that strand B is under and pull it under the next twist. If you are having trouble lifting up the twists to run the rope under, a Splicing Fid is a great tool to help.

First Weave with Strands

5. Continue the weaving pattern starting again with strand C. Once you have reached the end of the strands and can no longer weave, stop.

End of Strands Weaving

6. Once strands A, B, and C cannot continue to be threaded, cut them and melt the ends with a lighter. 

Melting Down Cut Strand Ends

You should have your rope to chain splice. This is great to use with an anchor but can also be used in any instance where you would need to connect a rope and chain. 

Rope to Chain Splice

Besides an anchor, what else can you use a rope to chain splice for? Comment below!