How to Cut a Rope

How to Cut a Rope

Whether you need a specific length of rope, or you need to cut off an over-used and damaged end, cutting through rope is the only option. This can be a difficult and messy task depending on how large of a diameter your rope is. Follow these five steps to make your cuts easy.

Step 1

Gather the following supplies. You will need each one of these in order to complete the cut.

  • Sharp knife
    • Note: You will want to use a knife instead of a scissors, as a scissors will cause the rope to fray. If your rope diameter is larger, you may want to use a pair of loppers or a hot knife.
  • Electrical tape or lighter
    • WARNING: If you are cutting natural rope, taping is the only option. Using a hot knife or melting the end with a lighter would make it start on fire.


Step 2

Once you have gathered the supplies, take your rope and inspect it to make sure that you are not cutting through a part of the rope that is frayed or loose and squishy. Identify the spot of the rope that you will cut.

Step 3

If you are using tape, wrap the rope three to four times as tight as possible, while slightly overlapping each layer. Electrical tape works best, but duct or masking tape will work as well. Make sure to not wrap the tape in the exact same spot each time. This step will keep the rope from unraveling after the cut. If you are not using tape, jump to step 4.

Tape Wraped

Step 4

While holding the rope with one hand, use the knife to cut through the middle of the taped section. A hot knife, which cuts and melts the ends to prevent fraying, can also be used if you are not taping.

Cutting Rope

Step 5

If you have chosen to cut the rope with a regular knife without tape, be sure to melt the end to keep it from fraying or unraveling.

And there’s the five easy steps on how to cut your rope. This will minimalize the mess and keep your rope looking new and clean during and after your project or craft. If you have any tips or tricks in addition to the “How to” above, comment below!