Butterfly Bend Knot

Butterfly Bend Knot

The Butterfly Bend Knot is used to combine two pieces of rope together. This can be done with two of the same rope or two completely different pieces of rope that have differing diameters and materials. It is one of the stronger bend knots because it will hold well even under a large amount of weight (this also depends on the strength of the rope). It can even be used when connecting to a rope that has damage by connecting another piece of rope near the defective part.

We used 550 Paracord in this tutorial, but any rope or cord needed for a project/use can be used when creating this knot.

Step 1

Start by laying the first piece of rope (rope A) flat on a surface.

Step 1 - BBK

Step 2

Place second rope (rope B) or attaching piece over rope A in the form of an “X” shape.

Step 2 - BBK

Step 3

Rope B will then go under rope A.

Step 3 - BBK

Step 4

Still holding rope B, have it go over itself and then under the “X” shape that was created in step 2 and over itself again in the loop.

Step 4 - BBK

Step 5

Now using the end of rope A, go under the end of rope B and then have it go over itself.

Step 5 - BBK

Step 6

Still holding rope A, bring it under the “X” shape from step 2 and line it up parallel to rope B.

Step 6 - BBK

Step 7

Hold the ends of rope A and B and with your other hand hold the continuing side of rope A and B, then pull to tighten.

Step 7 - BBK

You can adjust the knot as needed, but when rope A and B are pulled in opposite directions, the knot should stay in place without coming undone.