Best Way to Clean Rope

Best Way to Clean Rope

Cleaning rope regularly or when it comes in contact with particles that can affect its fibers such as dirt, sap, and salt, can keep it from deteriorating or losing its usefulness. However, there are a few tips and guidelines that should be followed when cleaning your rope and cord.

Using a tub, sink, or large container is the best for washing your rope depending on its size. It is important to have enough room for the rope to spread out more evenly. This will allow it to be cleaner in every part of the rope and nothing is missed. Make sure to use mild soaps like dish soap or recommended rope cleaner for you cord material. Harsh soaps and detergents can do more harm then good. If the rope is extremely dirty or has a hard to remove filth, then let it sit in the soap and water for a few minutes before cleaning begins. Brushes can be used as long as they are made of soft bristles that won't destroy the rope.

Tip: For certain rope, if you want to make them soft, you can use a small amount of fabric softener in the water while washing. It's important that all of the fabric softener is cleaned out of the rope before drying and using.

Be sure not to use a washing machine when cleaning rope because detergent from past washes can deteriorate it. Depending on the cycle and type of machine, it can also get caught on something or ruin the fibers.

When drying rope, you don't want to let it sit outside in sunlight because of the damage UV rays can cause. Rope can dry faster outside than inside, so if you need the rope to be ready faster, they can sit outside in a well shaded area by being laid on a clean surface without any of the rope overlapping. It can be hung up also if it's in a protected area. One thing you don't want to use when drying rope is a drying machine. The temperature of the dryer may be too much for the rope.