Best Rope for Emergencies

Best Rope for Emergencies

You never know when an emergency can arise. It can be at home, in the car, or while on an outdoor adventure. Rope is something that can easily be kept on you, in the car, or in your home at all times and can come in handy when you might least expect it.

There are several different kinds of rope, each having specific characteristics that make them better for certain jobs rather than others. But what if you could only have a couple different ropes on you? Or maybe you can only have one.

You might be wondering what the most versatile rope is that can be used for the widest variety of things. You might also be wondering what the best rope is to have in your car or with you in the outdoors.

Below are the top 3 best ropes for emergencies that are great to have on you at all times, wherever you are.

#1: Paracord

Paracord - Survival

If there is one type of cord that is the most versatile and transportable, it’s 550 paracord.

Quality paracord has a nylon outer sheath with several nylon strands on the inside. These strands can be easily removed when a smaller string is needed in situations like fishing, trapping, or repairing fabrics. The outer sheath can be used as a shoelace substitute or to wrap handheld things like knives or handles in a car for extra grip.

#2 Twisted Rope

Twisted Polyester Rope

Twisted rope is a great to have because it is quite strong and versatile. For emergencies, polyester twisted rope is recommended due to its durability and ability to perform well in many different weather conditions. This rope can be used for anchoring boats/rafts, tying animals or belongings up, and even in medical situations. In the past, rope has been used to secure bandages to a wound, sling a broken arm, or even be used as a tourniquet. Because this rope is twisted, the strands that make it up can be unraveled into three separate “ropes” that might be better suited for smaller jobs. Just be sure to seal off the ends by melting with a lighter.

#3 Tow Rope

Twisted Nylon Rope

When you hear “tow rope” you might instantly think this is just for your car. Although towing cars is the most well-known usage of towing, you can tow anything and often may need to tow something you never originally prepared to. You can purchase a standard tow rope at your local auto supply store, or you can use nylon rope instead. The benefit of using nylon rope for towing is that it will return its original length after being stretched and can be used for so much more.

What is your go-to rope to have on you for emergencies? Comment below!